Sol Azteca Gets Me Every Time

Every other Friday night or so, Mr. Gets Me Every Time and I like to go out to dinner. Just the two of us. A nice dinner out where neither has to wash the dishes. And, since we like trying new places, we’ve recently been inviting a third party to our reservation—The Group Coupon. Be it Groupon, LivingSocial or GiltCity, we’re not picky.

This past Friday night we ventured out to Sol Azteca on the Boston/Brookline border. The photos above aren’t the greatest, but the food sure was. We went though at least two bowls of that smoky, fiery salsa. We both had fajitas. I had the special that included a plethora of vegetables. It was like Mexican stir-fry. And it was delicious.

They’re cooking up Mexican and Spanish dishes (in Boston & Newton) to delight and that includes desserts. We saved room for the fried ice cream, but somehow I forgot to take a photo before it was devoured.*

Lastly, let’s talk decor. It was so cozy—the Boston location is nestled in a garden level space made up of three separate dining spaces. They had great light fixtures throughout and the comfiest wooden dining chairs I’ve sat in at a restaurant in quite sometime.

Sol Azteca is a little pricey if you don’t have a deal going in, but the service was excellent and the food was satisfying. We’ll be visiting again soon, especially if my tummy has any vote in it.



(*The dessert was devoured approximately two minutes after it was set on the table. Don’t judge.)

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