Settling West Gets Me Every Time

This blog love entry starts with a short story:

Once upon a time, two girls moved off to college and fate made them roommates. Years later, their friendship perseveres across many states & miles. The two share a common love of celebrations, finding beauty in the everyday and all things family. The End.

Freshman year I was blessed with a wonderful roommate (and a 3-bed suite to share with her). Brigette and I have remained friends and now share a bond across the internet. You can find Brigette blogging about all things Oklahoma on Settling West.

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Follow my girl Brig and get the scoop on all great things local in Oklahoma — shopping, events, football & more. You can follow her home updates, see what she’s reading, almost taste what she’s cooking and see what she’s pining for.

Start with the dining room table post. It gets me every time.

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